_Tomisho is a specialized trading company of environment-friendly material "Aluminum".
After inheriting the patent of "New hard aluminum oxide coating methodg from Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. in 1965, our technology has been getting a large evaluation in a usage that corrosion resistance, electrical insulation properties, and heatproof, etc. by the hard and thick coat, because it is different from the coating which is only thick anodized aluminum.
Our hard anodized aluminum electrolyzer
The secret of generating our unparalleled thick and minute coating is the management for the liquid temperature as 5Ž in the electrolysis tank by freezer with the heat exchange ability of 110,000Kcal. If the holes of coated products are not sealed, a thick coat is applied also to the product that pays attention to oil-bearing because a excellent feature as the impregnation is demonstrated.
Size of electrolysis tank:L3000xH1500xW1000, Capable coat range:L2700xH1000xW800
Capable weight: 300kg (incl. jig), Possible thickness: cast & 2000s: 5~6ƒΚ, 5~6000s: 150ƒΚ
Abundant treatment devices corresponding to various product shape Air microgauge (inside diameter inspection)