_Tomisho is a specialized trading company of environment-friendly material "Aluminum".
For quality

To correspond to guest's quality, the receipt inspection is executed domestically (In our warehouse). Possible for lot and signboard.

Negotiation by Chinese buyer
Direct negotiation with Chinese processor.
The business custom of the Japanese style is taught, and guided to the cooperation processor.
The receipt inspection document is made in the quality assurance part.
The receipt inspection is executed in the inspection room in the warehouse based on the inspection standard book and the work manual.
Inspection machine:..gauge.. complete set besides. micro profile projector (made of Mitsutoyo)/hight-gauge/calipers/gauge/
Procurement from various DC manufacturers of Al₯Mg₯Zn.
It is possible to correspond to the processing, plating, and painting after since the die casting.
Results such as electric parts, motor parts, industrial equipment parts, and the door handles are in present handling goods.
China DC equipment introduction

Region: The Kanton ministry (local businesses)
It casts with the die making, and even the machining, plating, and painting are possible. Moreover, the resisting pressure product by the vacuum die casting and impregnation process is also possible.

The main equipment: DCMachine aluminum(125T~1650T/Made in Japan and Germany) Zinc(5t~125t/Made in Japan and China j
Machining: miller, Lathe, MC and CNC, and other
Measuring instrument machine: Three dimensions, X-ray, the spectrometry machine, and other
Ability: Aluminum 6,000t/year(one company) Zinc 6,000‚”/year(one company)
ISO: ISO14001 / TS16949
Delivery date: About 65days from the die making to the sample shipment

350T-400T casting machine line 500T foundry machine
Die casting factory (post-processing)
Die casting factory (painting and plating)j
It stocks from the processing subcontractor who makes the cutting product for the car for China and Japanese firm and has the delivery results now. Moreover, three companies in South China district are stocking with the machining goods for semiconductor-fabrication equipment from the processing subcontractor who has results.
Chinese machining factory (example 1)

Region: Shenzhen (local businesses)
It is good at cutting from the profile (about 10,000 type possession).
Employee: 1,600 people (system for 24 hours, employee lodgings equipping of second shift, and many inlander)
Main equipments: MC 130 and 38 automatic lathes and general-purpose another machine tool and lathes the electrostatic painting line, anodized aluminum (general, hard, and dye), and painting and the silk print
Main products: the appliance, the car, and article of cast metal processing
ISO acquisition: ISO14001 (1997)
Delivery date: About 20 days from die of pushing out completion (2W) to the product making for trial purposes

Cutting processing factory (example of photograph)
Chinese machining factory (example 2)
Region: Kuangchou (Japanese Company)
Various part processings and the assembly employees such as the form rolling, cutting, and grinding
Employee: 200 local staff with 4 Japanese staff
Main equipments: 7 Thread rolling machine, 20 Automatic board, 13 NC lathe, 5 Milling machine, other
Main products: Electricity and auto parts
Delivery date: Making arrangements separately.
It is a system of W check inspected again it not only inspects in China but also domestically.
Please contact the following when there is an order.
@TEL:03-3865-0147/ FAX:03-3865-1971