_Tomisho is a specialized trading company of environment-friendly material "Aluminum".
It is possesing the company warehouse in two places in Kanto area for the receipt of the Kanban system, too, to be able to do quick compatible in Tomisho's doing the smooth circulation of the product and inventory control. We are useful as the bridge at the customer and the maker in doing thoroughgoing inventory control.
We will efficiently manage the aluminum material that repeats the pickup/delivery station every day, and offer the supply quickly action on the customer.
Isesaki Branch : 22-17 Wakaba-cho, Isesaki City, Gunma 372-0811 JAPAN
Tel. 0270-25-5519@Fax. 0270-26-6172
Our Koshigaya warehouse has lot area 3500‡u while it is in the center in Kanto and it is doing the inventory control of the various material and the artifact which answered the desire of the customer.
We have the special rack storage of the long length article which used height space effectively, answer for the stock desire of the customer and correspond to the appointed date of delivery needs quickly.
Koshigaya Branch : 748 Ofusa, Koshigaya City, Saitama 343-0027 JAPAN
Tel. 048-974-5261@Fax. 048-975-4909