_Tomisho is a specialized trading company of environment-friendly material "Aluminum".
Our company observes Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs other related laws and law/guideline concerning protection of individual information by all the people who consider the importance of protection of individual information, and engaged in the business, handles individual information properly, and takes appropriate measures about the safety management.
The acquisition of individual information: Our company acquires individual information by a fair means in a necessary range and legal on the business.
The use of individual information: Our company never uses it exceeding the range of the purpose of use that notifies sex, the occupation, the office, the health condition, and the photograph of face and others beforehand without the agreement of the customer himself at the name, the address, the telephone number, individual information/access information that is acquired or kept, and date of birth.
The management of individual information: When a necessary, appropriate measures is taken to take enough security countermeasures like the maintenance of the handling regulations concerning the safety management etc. and the maintenance of the implementation system, etc. for the safety management of the handled individual data, and to secure accuracy and the latest, and the problem etc. occur by any chance, our company promptly considers appropriate correction measures.
An individual giving information: Our company doesn't offer the third party individual data in the following cases excluding without consent of an information source. (1)When basing on the law
(2)When it is necessary to offer individual information to the cooperation company within the necessary range in the business accomplishment of our company
The inquiry: Please inquire the inquiry concerning handling of our individual information and customer's individual information and the consultation of the following. I will correspond as promptly as possible after confirming it is a person in question for the inquiry concerning customer's individual information.
Please use our inquiry form for your inquiry.