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Tomisho's Logistics / Warehouse Information

Tomisho has two in-house warehouses in the Kanto area so that it can respond quickly to orders received by the Kanban system through the smooth distribution of products and inventory management. We are useful as a bridge between customers and manufacturers by carrying out thorough inventory management.

Isesaki Branch (Tomisho Alumite Corporation)

Isesaki Branch (Tomisho Alumite Corporation)

We efficiently manage aluminum materials that are repeatedly Loading and unloading every day, and provide immediate delivery to customers.

Warehouse name Isesaki Branch (Tomisho Alumite Corporation)
Address 22-17 Wakaba-cho, Isesaki City, Gunma 372-0811 JAPAN
TEL +81-270-25-5519
FAX +81-270-26-6172

Koshigaya Branch

Koshigaya Branch
  • Although it is located in the center of Kanto, it has a site area of 3,500 square meters and manages inventory of various materials and processed products according to customer requirements.
    We have a rack warehouse dedicated to long products that make effective use of the height space, responding to customers' inventory demands and responding quickly to delivery needs.
Warehouse name Koshigaya Branch
address 748 Ofusa, Koshigaya City, Saitama 343-0027 JAPAN
TEL +81-48-974-5261
FAX +81-48-975-4909